IOP: The Packaging Society has provided courses for the industry for over forty years, and its work is recognised world-wide. The IOP Education and Training programme includes;

  • Courses to enable students to gain the
  • Opportunities for on-line study
  • Specially designed programmes for companies developed under the
  • National Vocational Qualifications/Scottish Vocational Qualifications for learning in the workplace
  • Specialist courses, for example
  • Short courses

Most courses offered lead to qualifications awarded by PIABC (the Packaging Industry Awarding Body Company) which is recognised by the UK Government's Qualifications and Curriculum Authority for providing qualifications for the packaging industry. For more information, contact Glennis Harwood on 01476 514590.

short course programme

The BPIF has revised its short course programme to meet specifically the content, geographical, timing and budget requirements of companies in the printing and printed packaging industry. They have selected a portfolio of courses which will enable you to maximise the potential of your people and thereby, the potential of your business. Focusing on delivering high quality practical training, BPIF short courses cover many aspects from print specific skills, people matters and other business issues.